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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What I Like About Wattpad

Have you heard about this website wherein you can read different kind of stories? Stories that will make you glued for hours in your tablet, cell phone or net books because you do not want to stop. Stopping is not in your vocabulary anymore, you’ll stop tracking time and you’ll realize it’s already dawn. What have gotten into? You question in disbelief but you know the answers to it. Just got addicted to it, it is more than a website it’s more of a place to relax and get lost in completely different world of your own. Keep tracking of stories never in your wildest dream was ever written. Pretty sure you know what website this article is talking about, guess…guess…guess…you have completely got it right!

Why do a lot of people worldwide have gotten over the syndrome of downloading wattpad in their own device? What’s with this website that many young and not so young are obsessing. Quite a lot to enumerate the qualities it has but these are the notably ones.

They offer various stories to read

Even if you are not a bookworm, you will be falling for this. Wattpad gives you a glimpse of enchanting ways to enjoy reading. You have different genres to choose from. Teen fiction, suspense horror, short stories, romance and others, you can literally choose what best suits your taste! Not only you can read this awesome stories that you are drooling about but you can be assured that you don’t need to release extra penny for it. You just need to download the app in the app store then choose the stories you want to read and keep it in your library, presto you can read it even without the internet!  It is absolutely free! Why won’t you grab the chance of reading stories for free that has the same quality with what the market is offering?

You get to interact with the Writer Behind it

If you are a book work, you know what this is all about. You come across this book; you fell in love with the story, character and all. You get curious to it. Who is the person behind this awesome and well knitted book? All you have is there pen name. Some famous writers maybe known, but some writers made sure there appearance is made private. It is somewhat frustrating some time that you cannot give your utmost appreciation to the person behind that well written book. In wattpad, you can say all you want to the person behind it. You can directly tell them. They are within your grasp. They reply to your appreciation and even give their best remark to make sure you will feel appreciated. You can say everything you want, make banners and suggest what will happen next. It is a place that the writer and the reader will have the best time of their life.

They inspire you to dream

Who are the writers in wattpad? They are not the famous, nor the successful one. They are those dreamers who wanted to write. They are those people that aren’t stereotype that this age is the only ones who can write. Wattpad is an avenue for people who want to express themselves. Wattpad gives opportunity to aspiring writers to be known and eventually make their dreams come true. This website inspires dreamers to not only dream by night but to put to action by the day. It does not restrict the writer’s idea but encourage putting up a bold plot.

There it goes about wattpad and what’s the buzz all about. Maybe those are your opinions as well and ma maybe not. But this is for sure true, you have heard this website and because of what you read, you are now itching to pay a visit to this wonderful, astonishing website everyone is going crazy about.

Till my next blog post!
Don’t just dream, make it happen.
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  1. I'm a Wattpad member too sis :) and I love reading wattpad stories also :) lalo na yung diary ng panget hehehe medyo relate ako when it comes to binubully sa school ehhh :O