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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Up Up and Away

Blogging. This is an integral part of me. I may not be able to blog as often as I can but I make sure I will be able to write as much as I can. Today’s post is my photo diary of the clouds. I know this sounds crazy and I think I am. Last May 8, 2014 I flew to Manila to attend a seminar and it was my first to set foot in the Capital City of the Philippines! Ha-ha-ha and among my first time is flying in the air! Oh, it is my first time to ride an airplane, imagine my excitement. And because of my overflowing excitement, I did not take pictures of my face and do the selfie thing but the clouds! 
Yeah, it sounds really ridiculous and I even question myself why? What happened to my sanity? Did the coffee overtake it? But no, I think I have a valid reason for this. Why clouds, because it represents the side of me that wants to reach the clouds. Clouds represent my dream. Being able to almost touch the clouds and be at the same place with them, it’s just amazing. It always reminds me that dreams and goal is indeed reachable. The clouds maybe almost unreachable if we look up to them. It seems so far. But if we try harder to do things that will help us reach them, they are beyond our reach. 

Meaning, do not underestimate who you are and what you would become. Planes are instrument to be able to reach the clouds and there are people who will be instruments to help you achieve your goal.

Keep reaching for the clouds. Airplanes are there to help you.

Enjoy my photo diary of the clouds!
Till my next blog post!
Don’t just dream, make it happen.
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  1. wooow captivating photos of the clouds sis Claire hehehe nice shot!!! Ako sis di pa ko nakakaranas maka sakay ng airplane pero naiimagine ko pagka excite mo :) lahat ng first time experiences nakaka kaba at excite talaga sis