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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Just Animals: Give them Home

Happy Thursday everyone! It’s a holiday! And I’m relaxing with my three adorable kittens and hope you are too.

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Who among you have pets? We all see in television shows the owner and pet interacts. The owner even dresses their pets according to their own taste and preference. If many of you like dogs, I’m more to cats. I so love cats! My fondness to cats started when I was elementary. I was with my mother selling (we are side walk vendors back then) in the public market, I saw a strayed kitten. It is crying hard because it can’t find his mom. My heart was touched; I can’t take off my eyes on it. The kitten is so vulnerable. I begin to wonder where his mother is and why he’d left him. I went to touch the kitten and I can feel his so hungry. I felt for him. I waited for more minutes if there is someone willing to adopt the strayed kitten and no one rescued him. I went to my mom and asked if I can bring the kitten to our house. She does not want to and argued that our house might smell bad because of it. But then I promised I would be responsible to clean up the mess it would create.

That is the start of my fondness to cats, I’m happy that I’ve been able to adopt it. It brought me a lot of joy; I named it after its color “orange”. Orange is very responsible. He does not defecate anywhere. He always goes out to do so. He is also cute; he would wake me up in the morning and playfully rub his body around me. He is always at our doorstep waiting for me to arrive and when he sees me coming, he’ll run after me and rub his body unto me. I would carry him to the house and play with him afterwards. He is not like other cats that would jump to the dining table to get food when hungry; he will just wait for you to feed him. His life lasted for more than three years. He died due to old age. I was so hurt but I promised I would continue to adopt cats who are strayed and give them home. 

I have adopted kittens I saw in the streets needing affection. I continued my pursuit in giving them a home to stay and food to eat. I have now four cats. I have “Yen” which is two years old and three kittens that were abandoned by their mother. I feed them with “paksiw” every day. They are so cute. And they live peacefully, they don’t fight on the food they have but shared with them. They protect and fight for each other when foreign cats are entering the house.  They have renewed my strength when I’m so weary just hearing them “meow” and coming after me every morning and when I come back from the office. My kittens have been my constant source of joy. And you would also feel it if you open your heart to them.

What I’m saying is, try to adopt a cat or dog today, whichever is your choice. There are a lot of cats/dogs who are seeking for people who have heart to give them food and shelter. A lot of dogs/cats are abandoned every day and some of them are maltreated to point of being killed. They have lives and their life is precious too. Adopt a cat/dog today and you’ll feel the difference it gives to your life. According to a research, those individuals who have pets have longer and peaceful life than those who don’t have. Meaning, having a pet can make a difference. 

Make a difference, have a PET!

Do you also have a pet?

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