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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Red Tag and What can you Do About It

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I have so many back logs in blogging, if you notice; my blog has no post for many days and hopefully, with this post. I can be back on track.
Hope you’ll learn from this!  

Christmas is around the corner! And we all know that Malls all over the country and online shops are ready to give us a treat!  Christmas means, a lot of brands will be on SALE! Yep, that red tag we are itching to get a hold will finally be unveiled! That shoes we lust for months will cut its price to half, don’t you love it? But the downfall of it is, we will be able to splurge more that the usual. It’s not every day that those products will be affordable that becomes our mind set.
The mind set has made a lot of shopping wannabe’s broke. Yeah, sad reality but the positive side of this is, you can be an exception. You can buy a lot but not losing your money afterwards yet you’ll have your pocket full! Curious about what I’m saying? Let’s use the thinking of “no tomorrow in shopping when on sale” to earn.  

That mind set of no tomorrow can be taken advantage without burning all your cash and most especially, gaining some extra income from it. You can try this too if you like. How to have an extra income from sale? If you have extra cash and you know lots of fashionistas, this sideline is for you.
 All you have to do is be aware of online shops, if possible, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Most online shops, post there Sale days on their social media accounts. If you already did it, you’re on the right track. Next is visiting your social media accounts once in a while. Then make sure to visit there page once in a whileyou’ll be updated with Sale. For example, last September 17, 2014 Tomato’s online shop has a 100 minute sale! 50% on all there items! Imagine those watches bothering you to have a hold will be yours for 50% off!  Including SWAP watch! I was so excited to choose what bags, shoes and watches to buy! It will never be possible if I did not visit there page. If you already spotted when the Sale is, try to post those products on sale on your FB or any social media accounts so that your friends and friends’ friends will be aware of what you are selling. Just make sure to price your items correctly and tally them so that no mispricing happened. You will be amaze on how your friends will react to it. If you have your orders ready, then start buying your orders and have extra for them to choose! And that’s it! Your sideline is running! Just be sure that you shop in a secure site especially if you are using credit card!
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I’ll be posting my Tomato Shopping Experience once my orders will arrive!

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  2. Sobrang neon much ng yellow highlight sis Claire di mabasa ng maayos