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Friday, September 5, 2014

Gilas Pilipinas made History!

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Today, Gilas Pilipinas made history. They snatch a win from a lower seed Senegal, 81-79. There win did not come in handy. They were ahead in scoring most of the time but things got different in fourth quarter when Senegal applied a full court pressure. They had a couple of turnovers during those times. At one point in below five minutes of time in fourth quarter Senegal snatched the lead and they trade baskets after baskets. Until its last two minutes of action they were tied and Tenorio’s last shot did not get in.

 Overtime came. Senegal started with a three and from there Gilas Pilipinas took charge. They hit their free throws. But the scary moment came when Andre Blanche fouled out with under a minute to play. The Philippines use an all Filipino five to counter the attack of Senegal and that is the time that Filipinos prove there never die spirit. They fought with all their heart and capture that elusive win after a week of hard work. They put a stop to more or less four decades of drought in the FIBA World Cup of Basketball.

It is my first time to watch them play live in television; I only saw their games in replay. I was so enthusiastic with this game and full of hopes that they will end there stint in the World Cup with a bang, I hope. When it started and I saw all the Filipino hopefuls in attendance, I really crossed my fingers that the night would turn out fine. When they outscored their opponent after back to back threes I was leaping with excitement. I know this is going to be great in Gilas side. But then, my officemate texted me saying they are just full of energy in the first two quarters and lie lowed at the end. I expelled the idea. I know about the last games of Gilas wherein they almost got it with the likes of Croatia, Argentina and most of all Puerto Rico who eliminated us. But I erased all the negatives in my mind, maybe it was not there time yet. That one elusive win will be tonight I declared. 

And that declaration turned out to be powerful. I believe a lot of Filipinos all over the world made it too. GIlas Pilipinas did win! They showed that #Puso never failed. Though they fall short, they bounced back and made it as a stepping stone to strive hard and win it not only for themselves but for the Filipino hopefuls in attendance in Seville, Spain but all over the world. They may not advance in the competition but they did great and made us proud. Congratulations Gilas Pilipinas! #Puso! You all deserve a Heroes welcome!    

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  1. congrats to gilas,they made us all proud!