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Monday, September 8, 2014

My First Zalora Purchase

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 Today, there are a lot of online stores in the market. In one click, you can now search products and services online. You don’t need any more to shop at the mall and fall in line. In short, you’ll avoid the hassle of shopping through online stores. It is its advantage. It is the reason why my friend keeps on convincing me to shop online. I am always adamant about the idea. I always have what ifs. What if the one in the picture is not as good as the actual? Or worst, the online store I shopped is hoax? Oh, I will be doomed! Then my friend keeps on insisting the website she is shopping is reliable and affordable. I should see it for myself! For a businesswoman like her, I know I should trust it. She shops there frequently.

That is how I know about An online shop of different apparel brands, they have wide array of products you can choose from. You’ll never get tired of browsing their products from accessories to shoes! These products are too chic not to notice. I need a lot of time to check there shoes in order for me to buy the two pair of shoes that fit my need. Finally, I settled for a black ballet flats from Twinkle and a khaki ballet flats from Ezra. My requirement really for buying those shoes is if it is comfortable to use, can be use in the office and of course affordable. I believe they qualify so I registered myself to the site. I used my facebook to register. It is fast and easy! I then clicked my favourite shoes to add in my wishlist. Before you can add them to your wishlist, you must first choose your shoe size. Be careful in choosing your shoe size! It is tricky. Know your foot first. USA and Euro sizes are different. In Euro, my size is 36 but in USA I am five. You do not want the hustle of returning your order right? When you already have your wishlist, you can choose what items you want in your bag. Once you have them in your bag, you can order it now and choose whether you pay through credit card or cash on delivery. They will confirm your billing address and once everything is done. All you need to do is wait for your order to arrive. They promise to deliver the item 1-3 days within Metro Manila and 4-5 Days if it is in the province. They will email you the progress of your delivery and from their email, you can track its progress. 

These are the items I bought:

I received my order after two working days. It is that fast! I paid through cash on delivery and did not regret my order. It is what it is! It fits me well!  Zalora has fulfilled what they promised in their website. I am really amazed! And I can testify that the website is worthy trying and shopping for. I can recommend this to people who love shopping. This is shopping made easy and fast. I am convinced that one does not need to touch the product in order to buy. It is by looking keenly at the product that you can decide whether to buy or not. 

I hope this post will be able to enlighten those readers who still doubt on trying online shops.

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  1. im one ezra fan,super love their shoes!

  2. Wow daming doll shoes <3 love the glittery one <3