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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shoe Watch: A Walk with Lakhambini

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How was your day? I hope you are having a great time! I was super busy to start the year that I forgot about the New Year’s resolution I made and that is to blog more often. I remember that I wrote in my notebook about having 15 blog posts per month! Oopps, I don’t even have five posts for February, my bad. So I have to catch. I want to! 

Today, I feature about a new local brand I love donning. I was a lucky winner of Budget Biyahera’s blog contest and the prize is a pair of Lakhambini shoes. Lakhambini is a 100% locally produced footwear from materials to construction. It aims to be great fit all around from both the customer and its local craftsmen. Secondly is to help sustain and preserve the livelihood of Filipino weavers and shoemakers well (words taken from budget biyahera’s blog).  

Lakhambini’s tagline is “Fit for your Sole”. It was conceptualize by one and only Ms. Mai of Budget Biyahera-the designer and owner. It is the fruit of all her travel adventures. It is a new brand and well, it deserves our support. It does not only provide us with amazing pairs of shoes but every pair lakhambini you have gives pride to the thriving weaving industry we have.

My Experience with Lakhambini

When I received my first pair of Lakhambini which is the Romana, I instantly notice how it was weaved-very neat and intricate. You can see that the weaver is very attentive to details. It is only for the physical part. When I tried it, it is very comfortable to use. I love how they make the center part slightly raise. It is to support the feet to have the best experience. I did love the pair I have!
A closer look to Romana:

Here is my own OOTD featuring Lakhambini:  Paired it with a floral dress

Aside from Romana, they also have other styles to choose from!


Super chic right?

To know more about Lakhambini’s shoes designs and how you can order, just visit them in their social media accounts!

Note: Photos are from Lakhambini Facebook Account. Credits to the Owner of the Photo

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  1. I wanted to try this din! I'm eyeing on the brown wedge :) Love the pair you got!

  2. Hi Claire!! Thank you for writing about Lakhambini! I always love hearing and reading about your experience with our locally-made shoes. You are definitely a stylish Lakhambini Advocate! Thank you again for all the love and support. :)