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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Thoughtful Sunday: The “Single Thing”

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How was your day so far? Happy Sunday everyone! Today I want to share my thoughts on how society perceived women in their mid twenties in the issue of getting married. I am not keen on talking about me being single and all my rants about it but I finally persuade to speak for myself in the context of why I am single even when I’m already 24. The persuasion happened when I went to my hometown to visit my friend who has two kids. I was bombarded with a lot of questions whether I am still single, when I am planning to get hitch and so on and so forth. I got my tongue twisted in answering all their questions. 

I read that an average Filipina gets married in their mid twenties. Check, I am almost there. If am asked whether I am threatened? The answer would be NO. Honestly, I still question why many people are having a fuss when women in their mid twenties aren’t in a relationship or not married yet. It is as if women won’t be able to find a partner after they reach the big 3-0. The fact is it is not the case; even one gets married at the age of 35, as long as they stay married for a long time that what really matters most. Getting married is not a race that who gets hitch first will win. A lot of women getting married at a young age tend to break up because they did not totally enjoy being single. This is my point, why am I still single? Primary, it is a choice. This is not sweet lemoning. It is a fact. I was not able to fully enjoy being single. More so, I was not yet able to travel outside the country. It is my biggest goal. If I am able to do that, it would be the time I will start cramming to get myself a prince charming.       

Single ladies in their mid twenties should not be stuck in the idea of getting hitch. The people who pressure you are not the once who will suffer when the relationship does not work. I believe that it is the perfect time to explore the world one place at a time. See places and discover inner self. It is vital in order to meet your special someone. 

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