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Friday, January 3, 2014

Three Books I love to Read

I’ve been bookwork ever since I was young. I can’t remember when my love affair with it started. What I remember is when I was grade iii, I’ve been borrowing books in our library and visiting our local library every Saturday just to read. It was just a fun filled day with books that I learn to become a habit. Then turned into passion. Books never bore me, if for others, it is for them to sleep at night, for me, it is the opposite of it.  I read to make myself wide awake and to be a learner in the process.
My passion for reading turned me into a book buyer. I am thankful I have a reasonable income to help me buy more books for myself. I now have a lot of books but not all have been read already. I am still looking for some time to read them all. I need to catch up. My books multiplied fast but my reading is only an addition. So much so, this is my first ever to right about the books I love. This for sure will have more to come. I just want to share the three books I am currently reading from OMF Literature. They are Refreshing Words for Busy Women, Boy Meets Girl and The Purpose Driven Life. These are the books I always try to catch up every day. I am not making this a review style but I want to tell why I love these books. You may have your different opinion but care to read mine.

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Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris

This is the sequel of I Kissed Dating Goodbye. In this book, Joshua Harris shares the journey of romance with purpose. This is an ordinary book for others, but for Christian women who wants to be guided by God’s word in courtship, this is the best book for you. This book is romantic by nature but the stories shared by the people in this book are inspirational. I’m amaze that this book proves me that love without lust does exist in this modern world. That God has a hold of our relationship, if we want to submit it to him. God is interested with our love story if only we are willing to wait for his perfect time. Truly, this book is an inspiration for me. I am not yet finish reading this but I really love it.

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The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

I’ve been following Rick Warren in my social media accounts even before I bought his book. His tweets are always inspirational and his words are filled with God given wisdom. This summons me to buy The Purpose Driven Life. If you are a Christian or even you are not, I really suggest you buy his book! First is because this is a life changing book. Devote yourself for 40 Days. Forty days knowing God’s purpose in your life and I promise you, you’re life will never be the same again. God is speaking through this book, you will surely feel it. Don’t be afraid of God’s plan in your life, he knows better. This is the reason why I really love this. This is God centered. Second is because this book is the recipient of The Gold Medallion Book Award in recognition of Excellence in Evangelical Christian Literature by ECPA. Third and last is because this book is for you. For you to realize how wonderfully and fearfully made you are, you are God’s beloved.

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Refreshing Words for Busy Women by Darlene Sala

This is a devotional book like the daily bread. But has a specific target reader. They are the “busy” women of today. I may categorize myself as a busy woman, with so much things to do and so many plans to fulfil. That’s why I made sure I am able to buy this book. I want to be refreshed too at the end of the day when my strength is not enough to carry me through. I want to make sure that even how busy I am, God will never be forgotten. I love this book because it served its purpose in me well. It has been a daily routine for me to read this masterpiece. I love all the encouraging words.
Those are my favourite books. They are not only books to me but also my companions in my journey with God. They all inspired me. Not only to read but to spread the word.

Till my next blog post!

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