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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happiness versus Pay

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Today, each one of us wants to have a better life, better job or source of income as they say. Some will jump directly if the offer is good. Greener pasture is always the prime reason in getting a job. Many people do not look at the long run but the opportunity handed to them. Instantly, they accept the job offered to them regardless of how hard or easy it is. Then the problem in the workplace intervenes, there are a lot of hard to deal co-workers, benefits are hardly given importance, pressure is up and so on. You want to quit instantly, but the problem is where you can find a job that has bigger pay than what you are receiving right now. Will you exchange your higher pay for your own happiness? Conflicting isn’t it? If you are to choose, what will you do? Will you opt for a high paying job without happiness? Or having a low income job but you are happy?

Low Income Job with Happiness

What’s your passion? They say, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. There are a lot of people who choose to leave there managerial jobs to become a philanthropist, writer or a farmer. When you ask them what made them choose, they say they are happy. Money is never a consideration. There number one consideration is there self. They want to wake up every morning excited to work which they do not experience in their past job. Sense of excitement is renewed every morning. They don’t work a day in their life because they are too happy and contented with what they are doing regardless of receiving little pay.

High Income without Happiness

 But for many people who have no financial stability, many will think it twice. There are bills to pay, groceries to buy and family to support, are just the few reasons one cannot leave there current job even though they aren’t happy with it. There are a lot of “what ifs” if they do. I’ve been hearing from my colleagues why they manage to go on working without happiness, it is the idea of living every payday. They may be a robot working per day but their motivation is the pay. They will have a lot of money in their bank accounts in which they can use in their everyday needs, future necessities and wants. Let’s take for example the salary they have can be use in their travel to de-stress themselves. They can use it as an investment so that if they can no longer take the pressure in the workplace, they will still have source of income. 

Very conflicting situation, for you as an individual, how will you weigh your options, what strategy to take? I am sure that many people are also in this situation, I saw it in many of my friends and they are asking for help.  I’m in the midst of seriously thinking about it because I don’t know the answer to it.  It is the reason why I write this blog post, I want to hear your opinions specially if you are trap in this scenario as well. Hope to hear from you.
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