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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Own Dream Board

There are a lot websites I am following, and one of those sites is I always read there featured articles whether in travel, work and relationship. I am admitted that what they write in their site, I take it to heart. I even print it to read it over again. One of the articles I read lately is about making a dream board. They even made a DIY for it. Since I am not still sure of the things I want to achieve experience and look forward this 2014. I decided to make my own dream board. 

All I just did is to cut pictures and words in my old magazines (I collect magazines). I bought an illustration board and glue to complete the set up. I try to be artistic as possible but oh boy, this is only what I can do. I don’t want to talk how artistic I am but what is the symbolism of the dream board I made. It is more important that my artistic side though I am not sure if there is really. What I made is a reflection of my ideals, wants and dream. The dream board I made is me. The real me. The meaning of my dreams are:

New: Shoes

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Who won’t forget that saying? That’s the reason I really want to collect shoes. I can’t get over it. I never have enough of it. They say there is a certain connection between a woman and shoes and I believe in it. This year, I want to have running shoes, wedge and peep toe.  Not so many but at least worth to collect shoes. I’m looking forward for my first pair of celine or primadonna shoes this year!

A Fresh Girl: Lose Weight

This year is all about reinventing me. I am 50 kilos now and I want to go back to 46 kilos which I was last year. I want to gain more self confidence. I want to have discipline this time. It’s easy to gain extra fats but it’s not easy to lose them. I’ve learned that through the years. I reap all the eating I made last Christmas and New Year. Oh boy, I cannot undo all my gastronomic escapades. All I have to do is go back in tract. Practice my yoga, exercise and run. 

Choose your Destination: Travel More

I am a fan of Bianca Gonzales to do more. I am inspired by her travels and all the things she does. I am amaze of how she balances her work life, travel and more. And this 2014, she is my peg. I want to be more like her. I want to experience different things, visit different places and squeeze out the best in me. This year, I will make sure that I will get a passport. This has been my dream and I will push it. Though I am not sure if I can travel abroad, I don’t care as long as I have it. This year, I’m planning to go to Camiguin and another place. Maybe north but I don’t have a place in mind still.

Yipee: More food and restaurants to discover

If you already browse my blog or a new visitor, you can check out all my gastronomic escapades. Last year, I reach my quota! Ha-ha-ha, but I am so happy I did. This 2014, I will treat myself to new restaurants. I want to dine at Max’s Restaurant, Margie’s and more. Discover new food I never tasted, hmmm, I don’t know what food to start but I’ll definitely check out new ones.

Reaction: New Gadgets

Who doesn’t want new gadgets? New camera, cell phone or table? Definitely one will lust for it! this year, they are my dream! But, I am sure I can’t have them all! Ha-ha-ha, for sure they will continually be in my next year dream board and wish list. But, I want to take it slow, maybe start with the…I am not even sure where to start! They are expensive to date! I think I will start with a tablet, there are a lot of affordable tablets in the market right now. It will suit my budget I guess.

Fall in Love: More Books

Books are so dear to me. I believe, I’ve told you already I am a bookwork. I collect magazines, books and all. This year, books are flowing still! More, more and more books! I won’t stop until I will have enough. I think I will buy a Paulo Coelho and Nicholas Sparks books this year and discover new authors.

Focus: Save for the Rainy Days

Yeah, it is literally raining when I write this blogpost and even when I made my dream board! It’s raining for more than two week now. This reminds me to focus on saving for the rainy days. Our life is not only full of ups. There are times that we will fall down. Change is constant, and to prepare for rainy days. I want to set aside a part of my earnings to save. It’s not anticipating that there will bad things that will happen but to be prepared when it will happen. Future is full of uncertainties but we can prepare for it.

Those are the explanation of my dream board! If you also want to make one for yourself, check out for their DIY. For now, I will dream about my dream board wide awake. And tomorrow, I’ll start to move to achieve it. There is no harm in trying, if I fail, there will always be next time. Same rule applies to you.
Till my next blog post!
Don’t just dream, make it happen.

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  1. hope your dreamboard would come true,as for me i wanted a new for me and my kids!