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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Year in Flashback: 2013

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Happy New Year!

2013 will be written in history 15 minutes from now. I am trying my very best to write this blog post before 2013 ends. 2013 is a bitter-sweet experience for me. It has been very fruitful. But very sad as well, I lost the most important woman in my life-my mom. I am writing this blog post to remind me what I have achieved, experienced, cherished and look forward in the coming year.
Flash back starts now.
My Mother Passed Away
It happened last January 8 when my mother passed away after she was hospitalized for more than three days. It was my downfall. I cannot accept, I felt demoralized; it was only two years after my father passed away. It is still early, she was still young and I am not yet ready. I have so many plans for us; I have so many promises to her. When she died, I lost my leading. I feel like giving up on everything. I even think of quitting my job but then I am thankful God choose to light my way. It is as if he breathes in new life to me. My strength has been revived.  Though I already recovered, there are times that I wake up in the night crying because of missing them both.
I Won a Lot of Online Contest
2013 is a year of online winnings for me. I have won different blog contest. I was able to try different beauty products like HBC from Peachy Pink Sisters blog contest,  Kojie san and Lolita colognes from Mikki Galang, NYX products from Charlene Ajose. T here is a lot of them. I was able to win Hardy’s wine as well. Tell me, who miss 2013? Hmmm, definitely me!
I joined Nuffnang!
This is one of my best decisions, joining nuffnang. It is because I become more committed in blogging. I become more connected in the blogging world. I was able to win nuffnang contest too! I was able to earn as well by making use of my blog! Not only that, I get to know bloggers as well. It feels so good to know people who share the same passion.
Started a Business.
This is my best decision, to pursue what I’ve been doing ever since college, venturing business. It started with me and my two officemates contribute to have a starting capital of 5,000 pesos to buy Italian Silver. Now, thankfully we were able to expand our business to Ready to Wear Items. It is very fulfilling to have an income outside of my job. I am thankful I took the risk of putting my hard earned money in business because it has worked for me well.
I moved out of my Comfort Zone.
I changed my address. I travel alone. It’s not my usual to decide urgently in so many things. I always take my time before jumping into it. Last year, I become impulsive in the right way. I decide over lunch that I am going to Davao. Pull of a decision to take Civil Service Exam over night.  It is big decisions but it does not take so much time to decide and I am happy I made it. I make sure that the things I do are out of the box, I try to do the things I don’t usually do. 2013 has been an experiment to me. And that experiment is a success.
I passed the Civil Service Exam
This is for my growth. It is only my office mates who want to take exam but because they believe in the saying,” the more the merrier” they want me to join them. I was hesitant at first, I feel that I am not ready plus 500 pesos is big already. But then, they convince me to try, there’s no harm in trying so I take risk. And it paid off. I was part of the short list.  I will now look forward in taking the Agriculturist board exam soon.
I have a lot of success and struggles last year. But what I have written are just the highlights. I am thankful that God give me another year to celebrate- a life to live and love. I’m looking back 2013 with a smile and I look forward 2014 with a lot things in mind. Wondering how will I make it more special this time.
Till my next blog post!
Don’t just dream, make it happen.

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  1. wow naman happy new year :) at ngayon naman malapit nanaman mag happy new year 2015 na nyan :D pero syempre pasko muna hehehe