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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just a Giveaway: Thank you The Pink Blush

It’s been ages that I joined a giveaway. I was so busy with work and other stuff that I forgot about this hubby I have. Then these past months, I was blog hopping, reading different blogs and commenting if I have time. It’s my routine and because of it, I come across The Pink Blush. A blog authored by Ana. I read her blog posts about makeup and other stuff. Then I also read that she has a blog giveaway for her blog’s first anniversary! I’m happy to be one of her readers before her blog turns 1 and to be fortunate to win her first blog giveaway.

I’m just so happy to be chosen as one of the two winners of her recent concluded giveaway. It is a pleasure to read her blog and winning is another story. I just wanna say thank you for the goodies and I get thru this blog post. I receive a box of goodies from here! It may not be handful but it is more than enough. Here are the goodies I won.

 Don’t you like it?

Thank you so much The Pink Blush! I really appreciate and love what you send! I wanna congratulate you and greet you happy anniversary! Hope for more blogging years!   

You may visit her blog here! 

Enjoy and learn through her blog post!

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Until my Next Blog Post! 

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  1. congrats again! nice prizes you get,i think i also join this too..

  2. Such lovely prizes/items you got there sis Claire :) then again congratulations on winning ;) it is indeed a joy to win!