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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Food Trip: Mandarin Café Moments

I am a big fan of food! It is one of my guilty pleasures in life. I have been joked before by my officemates that it never happened to me that I didn’t like the food I am eating. That’s not true, I have eaten a lot of food that I didn’t like but the difference is I never voice it out. I’m too shy of saying it become I am not so good in cooking- one of my weaknesses.

When my friend and I went to Cagayan de Oro City, one of our agenda is to EAT! Yep, we love to eat that’s why. Our plan is to dine in to KFC directly but we saw a very interesting restaurant-Mandarin Café. It was what my co-worker is bragging about. We were not interested at it at first but when we saw it personally. We love the ambiance. It was cool. We look so funny at that moment because we don’t know what to order. It serves Chinese cuisine and we do not know anything about Chinese cuisine. We did not order right away. We were just laughing about ourselves and we end up ordering adobo rice toppings, mango shake and halo-halo. It was a sumptuous lunch. We were able to satisfy our food craving! There adobo topping is very yummy. A bowl of it justifies its price. We also love the mango shake and halo-halo. It deserves all the good reviews of it. Many patronize it obviously because of the number of diners.

Here are the pictures we collected in the course of our food trip!

Adobo Rice Toppings

Yummy Halo-halo

The View

Mango Shake

The team up

Orders are Served..

We're ready to eat..

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