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Friday, September 13, 2013

My Take: Pray for Zamboanga City

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I don’t watch the news lately. I was super busy with reports to be passed when I read in facebook about the hash tag #PrayforZamboanga. It was from my blogger friend who lives there. It was not a normal hash tag. I researched on Yahoo and watched the news when I got home. I am stunned. The Moro National Liberation Front led by Nur Misuari is attacking Zamboanga City. According to the news, there are already 180 hostages. Many are wounded in the side of the soldiers and the MNLF. The government is trying to negotiate through formal and non formal channels according to DILG Secretary Mar Roxas.

I feel so sorry for the victims in this attack. The civilians of the area once again are filled with fear their hearts. There peaceful life has been shaken. I saw how the people living there panic buying on food and read their experiences. It was so traumatic. Some are saying they don’t even go out anymore.
The government needs to have a concrete blueprint on how to obtain peace in some parts of Mindanao because the more they delay it, the more lives will be at stake. I believe, contrary to what P-Noy says, State of Emergency is needed.

I join the millions of people praying for Zamboanga City. They really need our prayers. They need our Spiritual support. Dear God, spare the people of Zamboanga City. Protect and guide them. Touch the hearts of the MNLF to stop the war and let peace grow in their hearts.


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  1. may zamboanga have the peace they wishing for,especially this christmas,i just cant understand why others need to kill inocent people