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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Outfit of the Week: Exuding Elegance

Hey beautiful ladies, I'm back with another blog post. This time, it will be about fashion. We all know how we love fashion. It is who we are, a self expression. This outfit post is taken from, the usual suspect. I'm a big fan of this site. It is where I look for possible outfit inspiration. This time, the outfit inspiration I choose is very chic. Like a summers day in may, i don't really understand why it was named this way but i choose this because I love the whole outfit.

I am a very minimalist type of person. I don't accessorize that much. This outfit fits me well. I love the almost monochromatic combination because of the dark colors used then added with a pop of color. I so love the shoes. I want to own it. It will add me with some height. My frustration you know.
I won't forget the belt too. It made the dress more elegant.

That's it for this week's outfit post! Thank you everyone for reading my blog! I really appreciate it. Please comeback again and spread the word!


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