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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Month in Flashback: August

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There are months that fate is in our side, as if the universe connives to grant all our wishes. There are months that we choose to forget, look ahead for the next month to come. The month of August is a very bitter but sweet journey. It is as if I want to hasten time. Every day, I keep on praying that this month will pass. I know it’s a very dumb to do. I also realize that, so I live with it day by day. When my friends ask me about this August, I would rather keep quiet and make a face. But as I write now, I realize that August has given a lot of opportunities and growth. It’s just only today that I realize it. Flashback starts now:

Cagayan de Oro City

I was able to go back to the Land of Golden Friendship after one year. I never realize that, time flies fast. And CDO is still highly urbanized. My friend and I plan to go back every month.
Business is Good
Yes, I ventured into business. The truth is, it is only my side line and it gives me a positive cash flow. We sell silver accessories! (I’ll be blogging about it soon). Many men and women from all walks of life patronize it. It started as a simple joke but it is very fast growing. Orders keep on coming!

KFC plus Mandarin Café

 Yep, I love food tripping. It gives me a taste of what life has to offer. I was able to dine for the first time in Mandarin Café and KFC. We bump with Mandarin Café by chance. Since we were hungry, we tried to it. And their food is amazing! Super delicious! KFC is my dream. I keep on imagining myself tasting it. And my palate is granted. Love the food!

Shopping is Fun

When I travel, I always buy something to have a remembrance. I become extravagant. I was able to buy a pair of havaianas! Oh my, I don’t know why I bought it. It maybe is the power of the credit card but I’m glad I give in. it is very comfy and chic. I was able to buy as well a penshoppe blouse. The moment I laid an eye on it, I already know it will be mine. Gibi shoes, bny top and pants, flamingo sandals are the few stuff I was able to put in my cart this month. Take note: they are on sale!

That’s it! I don’t want to elaborate to you the bitter side of the month. It is horrible but I’m glad that God really moves. In my downfall, God picks me up and put up the pieces and reminded me of my lifetime verse, Jeremiah 29:11. Indeed, the month of August made me realize that in up and down moment. God is faithful. He sees us, and he is ready to rescue us. Ciao!

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  1. i love shopping for remembrance too,i really wish i could travel and somehow buy the things i want but things for me is complicated so i have to save,save for my kids!