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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Let me tell you my stories: The Story of my Television

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I am writing this blog post to inspire many people to dream. Even how young or old we are, we can make it happen. It may not be on the time you declared that dream but trust me, if you in still it in your heart, it will come a long way. Today’s story is about the television I bought last month. It is a 32 inches LED LG TV. It is the fulfilment of my dream when I was 10 years old. A very long time ago isn’t it? But it is worth the wait.

When I was young, I am addicted to watching television. You can’t get my attention when I am watching my favourite anime, I am glued. It is the reason my mother applied for an instalment basis of a television brand. I was so happy, we have our own tv, imagine that? At that time, not many household has a television (if you’re wondering about my age, I’m 22).  Everything goes smooth until the second to the last payment of our television. My sister who is studying college needs money so badly. My parents did their best to get the money my sister needs. They made it but the sad part is something has to be sacrificed. For that incident, it was the payment of our television. To make the story short, we were not able to pay the television and they get it back. It hurts. It is as if my whole world stops revolving. My only happiness was taken away. Then I promised myself I will be able to buy my own television. No matter what, I will make it happen.

Fast forward, after 12 years, I am already one year in my current job. I am blessed to have a wonderful job. I gifted myself a television. It is the most expensive thing I bought as of the moment and I am glad I bought it. The viewing experience is superb. I love the television. It is so sleek. Made perfectly for the satisfaction of the distinct taste of the market. I love LG brand. I am satisfied. Not only about the television but also about the fulfilment of my dream. It took 12 years for me to make it. Time did not make me forget what I want, it made me more motivated to get it. The same for all of us, let us not grow weary of dreaming. Let us make it a challenge to ourselves. We can make our dreams come true if we are focus on it. And the most important factor in achieving our dream is prayer and faith to God that he will grant our request in his own perfect time.


Till my next blog post!

Don’t just dream, make it happen.

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