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Monday, September 2, 2013

My Take: Pork Barrel Scam

I saw all over the news about the pork barrel scam. At first, I was not at all interested about it. It’s another corruption issue that was discovered then like what happened in the past, it will lie low then another issue will come out leaving the other unsolved. Best examples here are Maguindanao Massacre, election fraud and the Arroyo administration’s so called anomalies.
They were high profile issues but no one is convicted yet. I doubt if there will be one soon. So I tell myself I pass with this. But when I realize that we are talking is the massive corruption. A 10 billion pork barrel scam and we are talking about tax here! It is a big portion of our salary that was given to the government to finance their projects. It is the 12% in the goods that we purchased. Regardless of how big or small the taxes we paid, we still deserve to be given back and not the few people who don’t deserve it!
There people should be convicted. Justice must be served. An in depth investigation should take place. I still don’t lose hope in the justice system of the Philippines. I hope that Janet Lim Napoles will not shut up her mouth. I hope that she tells it all what she knows and who are the people she connives with. Making a foundation will not be executed by only one person; she has her allies with her. The question is who they are? She can only tell.
  I don’t convict Janet Napoles here. I still believe that she is “innocent until proven guilty”. It’s a protocol but I think she owes to the public an explanation, who is the people who keeps sending death threats. I join the millions of Filipinos who screams for JUSTICE. I may not be in the march but I definitely support its cause. Abolish PDAF! Give the citizen what we deserve.

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