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Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Day at Tom's World

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Today, I got back in being a child-so stubborn of giving up and playing as if there is no tomorrow. Every peso coin counts and every sheer luck I have has been used to…play Ocean Jive! Ha- ha-ha, you might ask what has gotten to me.  I don’t know! All I can remember is a fragment of memory why I was already there sitting in front of the Gold Fort. 

We went to Robinsons Butuan just to eat Master Siomai but ending up at the Robinsons Food court and trying some food escapade. My nephew sneaks at Tom’s World and my sister and I followed her. I was so fascinated with the people exchanging five (5) peso coins for tokens or one (1) peso to play at different game booths they offer. You can choose from Gold Fort, Jumbo Jackpot, Fish Lagoon, Safari Big Five, Fast Shot Kids, Treasure Hunter and Ocean Jive. I got hooked in Gold Fort and Ocean Jive. I was able to spend more than a hundred bucks for tickets. Ha-ha-ha, I don’t even think of being broke after that day.

Tom’s World is a part of Robinson’s Butuan which you are able to play different games. It is a place you can go if you want to distress and be broke (just kidding!). If you want to be alive and experience excitement, go check it out!

Photos are here! 

The Goodies to be won

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  1. Playing games is really fun... and for me walang age limit ang pag play ng games kahit sa mga ganyan pa hehehe