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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Story of the Bullied Girl: The Story of Me

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It has been a while since I thought of writing this blog post. This is too personal to me. But in the long run, I realize why I have this blog after all; it is to inspire other people based on my experiences. I want many people to learn to stand up and prove themselves. This is the story of the bullied girl, the story of how I made my life better even I was bullied.

Bullying is natural within children. There is this master among them which controls the other children’s emotion and decision making. That simple for the master but the chosen one who was chosen to be hated for who she is, It will be a long day every day. Bullying started when I was grade five. I fought with one of our neighbours. We were physically fighting and I even got a lot of wounds because of it. I thought it is only what I need to endure, but the next day, they were a lot of children waiting outside of our house. They were looking intently in our house together with their leader. I got nervous because I know what is happening. The master chooses to defend her I know. My life changed that day. 

They were all over me. They will wait for me until I go out to school. They try bumping me among them so that no one will notice. The little girl that is me will just run as fast as I can so that I can be in our house and be safe. I did not enjoy my summer that year because I barely go out of the house because I am so afraid they will come after me. It did not stop there. It still continues even in grade six. They change their tactic of waiting for me to go out because I was in the top class so we go home late. What they did was they try sneak in our house making sure I was there and if they confirm it. They will get inside and say bad words to me. It even comes to happen that they answered my father because my father told them they were just insecure.

I endure them all. I motivated myself to study hard. I told myself, someday, they will look at me and feel sorry because of what they did to me. It did, they were shock of what I achieve. I become part of the top 15 in the graduating class and seated in the stage. They are looking up at me in one way or the other. I was proud of myself. I promise I will not be bullied again. I will keep them at bay and try to become an achiever. In high school, they were not able to bully me because I went to private school. I have different schedule. I become a scholar, top in our class and fought different contest. I had the time of my life. And all they did was to look at me from afar and clap of what I have become. Every time I go back to our place, I keep on hearing them say sorry for what they did. We cannot undo the past. It will be there to say. No matter how many sorry they will say and even I forgive them already. 

The pain and fear they cost me will be there to stay.
What I am trying to say here is we can still rise up after we were bullied. It is only in the mind set. Do not be discouraged even how dire the situation is. Trust me, been there, done that.  Rise from the ashes and do not let them get into you for the long time. They are not the one who will be tormented. It will be you. And you deserve better than that.

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