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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Writing Journey

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Hey there!
Thank you for reading my blog!

I have always come to believe that I read books is just to entertain myself and to study grammar is to make a life out of time when I was in elementary. Contrary to what my classmates hate, I feel so good in reading. I even volunteer to class to read aloud a story my teacher wants us to understand. I easily understand it. Then reading makes me more to easily understand what I am reading, sounds awkward right? But it is not, while I am reading this books that I come to love, I learned a lot by taking down notes of the words I never understand. Then I will go to the library every Saturday which is a long walk from our house to research on those words. Yeah, I’m a bit nerdy minus the glasses back then though it may not be obvious. I will scan through those bulky dictionaries with enthusiasm never minding the weight of it (internet is not so popular that time). I just want to learn. My love for reading grows and I put it into action. I started to make compositions and poems. It was just to keep me sane during class hours when I do not have the heart to listen to what my teacher is talking. My friends and teachers saw the potential in me. I can write they say, as for me I know I can write who doesn’t right? We are in grade six back then but did not read the signals correctly. Soon enough, writing contest came and I was picked to join. It was the time that it sink in what they want to tell me. I oblige myself to join, I want to try to compete that’s all. Luckily, I was able to won the writing competition.

Fast forward in high school, I continued my writing as well as the hunger to learn more. I joined the school paper and become an editor. Writing in our school organ makes my mind tick and alive still. I know this curiosity of mine if I can write has level up. I am now writing in the purpose of self expression. I was not writing to prove myself I can write but to make me express what my mouth cannot explain. It is through writing I can say what I want to say. To conjure words I don’t know I was capable of using and learning. High school pass and college came. I did stop writing for the reason that I am becoming busy of studying while working. I do not have an extra time to kill but I still write articles when I am fed up of everything that has happened to me and I want to release all my frustrations and doubts. But when opportunity came, I grab it. I join our college newspaper it kept me going.

When the portals of learning are closed since I graduated college. I was adamant if I will keep going. Yeah, the answer is right there in my finger tips. It does not want to stop ticking. It does not want to stop formulating ideas just like my mind won’t stop thinking. This is the reason I have this blog. To keep me going, to keep on learning and yearning to be a better person and affect people through what I am writing.   My journey in writing is far from over. I will continue to go down memory lane for this. This is my purpose to keep on writing and growing because they come hand in hand.

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  1. You are indeed a good writer sis Claire <3... although for me, I love Math hehehe which most students hate also just like reading XD