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Monday, July 8, 2013

Blessings Overload: Giveaway Winnings

Kojie San Products from

NYX Lip Cream from Pinkee Craze Shop and Miss Charlene Ajose

Age Miracle Samples from Ponds

Bag from Miss Angelique

Hows your day? Smile!

Today, all people from all walks of life wants to get the things they want no matter how hard it is to obtain. Whether it is a pair of gladiator shoes, a branded perfume or a Little black dress, we give our best to get it. The same in online contest, each online user does our best to win. Even how big or small the prize we are competing. It is not only about winning that we are competing, we want to try the products not only because its free, but because some of us has no enough resources to buy it (just like me). Some won not only because they tweet and share everyday, but because of talent and divine guidace. The latter applies for me (laughs).

Today, I want to share to you my online winnings from January to May 2013. I am not sharing it to boast but to give assurance for those people who are joining online contest that it is not a scam. Winners do get their prizes, in full.

 It's many right? I'm thankful and at same time blessed to have all of those. You can have them too. Your luck might be today.


Have a nice day!

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  1. OMG sis claire!!! Overflowing with blessings :O super duper congratulations to you on winning a lot :) I love the bag and the kojie san products :O so many!!!