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Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Very Own Bucket List

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I’m so impress in women who achieves their goal and continually sets higher standards to be seized. It is not easy to set a goal, more so to achieve it. When we set goals, it means that we will have to give up some aspects in our life to pursue what we really want. It is a long process and the process is not easy to traverse. This is the main reason why I adore those women who have carve a mark and reputation to be a goal oriented/seizer. This post is dedicated of what I read in and about Bianca Gonzales. This is my very own bucket list from July to December 2013.

Travel Alone.

Yep, this has been my dream since time immemorial. I really want to travel. Explore the world and see God’s amazing work in my own eyes. I know, I need a lot of resources for me to be able to achieve it. And I will do whatever it takes for me to achieve it. I am inspired of how Bianca Gonzales did it in her own way. If she can do it, why can’t I?

Write my own Novel

This is a long overdue for me. I have a lot of love stories made. None has been published. Not because it was rejected, but because I am afraid to pass it. I fear rejection, everyone does. But if I continue to be afraid, I will not be going anywhere. I will be in the same area. Stranded and gulped in my own misery. And I don’t want it to happen to me. I will move on my comfort zone. Wish me luck.

Be an Entrepreneur.

This is my plan in the last two months, to make use of my available plan to start a little business of my own. I’m still in search of what business I am going to enter. My head says installment of stuff my clients would want to buy. It would be profitable. I want to start it as soon as I can. I would earn and use it my future travels. Sounds fine with me.

Go on a Swimming Escapade.

This would be my bold move if I will be able to accomplice it. I will learn how to swim and have myself a swimsuit along the way. I envy those women who have the courage to flaunt there body in the beach as if no one is watching. I never tried it. I am curious of how does it feel. I want to do it. Because I want to be carefree and to do more.

Build my Confidence.

This is the real test for me. I am ashamed to accept this, but this is the truth. I am not confident of myself. I have a low self-esteem. And I will leave that state of my life. I want to be confident. I will train myself to do more. I will draw inspiration to Bianca Gonzales character. Multi tasking can be done if we really want to pursue the goals and dreams.

I can do it! I will do it! I will be dedicated to complete my bucket list. I will be a goal seizer as well!

What is your very own bucket list?

Share it here!

Until my next blog post.

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1 comment:

  1. my bucket list include
    move one and go on with my life with my kids
    find a job
    find a new home for my kids
    and never forget what lesson i learned from my past!