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Monday, July 22, 2013

City Girl: Baring Some Skin

I have been loving shorts ever since I start working in the city. I am super shy and not so confident in wearing shorts because I am afraid the people around me might react about my transformation. But gone are those days that I consider what other people thinks about me. I'm starting to think more about what I want to wear and love. I am now being true to myself. 

Today, my fashion mantra is baring some skin. And the outfit matching of draws my attention. It is so chic. I love the color combination. It is eye friendly and very comfortable to wear. I can use it in strolling at the mall to chatting with my friends anywhere. The minimal use of accessories fits my style well. And to wrap the outfit, I love the pink wedge. And I honestly need it because i'm not tall. It would some height to a short woman like me. Hmm, and the bag, nice pic. Over all, the outfit is superb. 

Really love the outfit matching. I love . The right source of fashion finds. Just recently registered there. And I will keep on going back for my daily dose of fashion.

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