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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tricks in Doing my Grocery

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What kind of errand do you really like most? Is it cleaning the house, washing the dishes or doing the laundry? Hmm, tough choice isn’t it? My favorite errand is going to the grocery store or at the market buying all the things and food for 15 days supply. It is a ritual for me that after my salary, I go to the grocery store. There is different kind of fulfillment when I look at my cart full of grocery item! Hahaha, but then again, because of more than a year of doing my own grocery, I learned a lot of tricks to successfully carry it out without spending much.

Eat Before you GO

Since I go to the grocery after I work and my stomach is not full, there is this feeling of wanting to buy everything I see that entices me. A big no-no, my budget would not fit. To solve my problem, I usually buy a hotdog on stick before I proceed. It eases my hunger and let me concentrate in buying without being bias. As we all know, according to research, we tend to buy a lot when we are hungry and it applies to me.

Write Down

This is the trick I keep on forgetting. I keep on writing all my grocery items in a paper but ending up forgetting. I will just depend on my mental capacity to remember what I need. The result, every time I do it is worst, either I lack or excess a lot. It’s horrible. So, every time my grocery schedule is up, I make sure to put my list in my wallet. It does wonders you know.

50% Cash, 50% Credit

This is it; I tend to buy a lot when I’m using my credit card alone. My observation is when I’m using my card to pay the bills I have this feeling of buying a lot because I will not be paying it right at the moment (hmmm, are you all like me?). To address my woe, I made a policy of 50-50. And it works; there is this conscious effort to minimize my spending because I’m paying it with cash. My credit card bill got lighter.

Bring Calculator

This is my favorite trick. Even though many people find it funny to bring a calculator, it usually helps a lot. It gives me the idea of how much I am paying and how much is the worth of all the grocery items I have. It will now depend on me if I will still add some stuff in my shopping cart. Sound fine, right?

There it is the tricks to lessen my spending habit in doing my grocery. It may or may not apply to you. But trust me on this, it works if fervently practiced. It would allow us to spend less, plan better and save a lot.

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