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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Life Lessons: Do not believe in Promises

Have you ever tried believing in a promises and ending up disappointed because the person who promised to you never able to live up to its promise. Let us say, your boyfriend promise you to take you out to dinner but forgot because of a necessary appointment, or a friend of yours who borrowed money from you who promise to give it back in certain time but was not able to do so and you need the money desperately. Those are simple given promises but the expectation it gives us is huge. We expect that the person who said those words will be responsible enough to do it. Promises maybe made to be broken but it does not mean it should be broken every time it was plead.

The truth about this blog post today is the fact that I encountered a very painful scenario that broke my heart. One particular person promises me many things, I believe in him. It is too good to be true. But I end up broken hearted because those promise of his was just spur of the moment. He just said those words just to make me feel better and fine. It was never a good idea. It made me feel better but afterwards, I felt worse than what it was before. It is very painful. I can’t believe that a person will say those words just to compensate him and never thinking of the result afterwards. Never thinking of the damages it would do. I am sure that many can relate to what I feel right now. The scenario maybe different but the emotions and feelings we feel are all the same. My heart goes out to the people who feel the same like me. The feeling of being betrayed will always be there.

I will surely move on from this case. But the sting it gives me when it comes to promises will forever be in my heart. Every time the word “promise” will be used, the stigma that is connected will arise. I am not sure until when, but I am sure it will be a long journey. I’ve been experiencing this for a long time now, its just that today was the worst case.

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