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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Take: Let’s Talk About Free Agency

Oh my! The NBA 2013 has concluded already, we saw the Miami Heat (my favorite team) successfully defended its title. They won back to back championships. And I want to congratulate them, aherm. Since, the season ended, it is the time again for all NBA teams to beef up their line up for the incoming season. Free agency has been the biggest buzz. Who would be the team to afford the likes of Dwight Howard, Andre Iguodala, Josh Smith, Chris Paul and others? And what trade agreement would be close prior to the season? I know it is still too early to tell who will end up to whom. But, sports website has it that some free agents and teams have agreed already and only signature is needed to make it official. Excited already for the latest buzz? Lets start the ball rolling..

Doc. Rivers is the Clippers New Head Coach and Chris Paul choose to be with them too!

Oh yes, Chris Paul choose to remain as a clippers. He inked a maximm five-year deal worth $107.3 million according to Los Angeles Times.

Dwight Howard ended up with the Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets will be a team to beat this new season. It is because Dwight Howard chooses them over other teams. He will be earning 88 million over four year season. The reason? He wants to compete for a championship. Dwight Howard will be teaming up with James Harden. Howard will be a key addition to the team.

Josh Smith is going to Detroit Piston

Josh Smith will be the latest addition of the Detroit Piston family. Smith agreed to a four year $56 million deal according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. He will be with Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. The 27 year old Smith will try to boast up the line up of the said team.  

Hello Andre Iguodala from Golden State Warriors

Andre Iguoldala has inked a four year 48 million deal with Golden State Warriors according to Sam Amick of USA Today. He will be teaming up with Stephen Curry.

They are the most talk about free agents this summer. Signing them would give a team a shot for the championship. And I’m looking forward on how they will blend with other members in the team. Will they dethrone my team Heat or will each team fall short. We can only tell the moment NBA 2013-2014 unveils.


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