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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fiorgelato: A Special Treat

Time for a foodie post! Yep, today is Sunday and I want to great everyone a Happy Sunday! Hope you are enjoying this day whether alone or with your family! This is my free day and I want to update my blog. It has been August and no blog post yet. I just want to say August! be good to me! July is really fun and foodie month for me. I was able to visit different food haven in the City and gives me a boost! Food is a booster!

One of the food haven I've visited is Fiorgelato! Sounds familiar? Try to visit too! Fiorgelato, "The Pure Italian Ice Cream" is located at Ground Floor, Robinsons Mall, Butuan City. At the back of the stairways near Bench and Gerry's Grill. They offer wide array of Ice Cream products to choose from. Sundae to Banana Split to One for All, and take note they also have Low Fat Ice cream for you. Add also this coffee, affogato, pizza and calzone and you're in for a treat!

I am ready to treat myself, so tara! Foodie adventure starts here!

I was able to try there Calzone, Pizza, Special Sundae and Banana Split. I love the treat! They have different taste for the commercialize ice cream I've tasted. Maybe because according to their website: Fiorgelato there "Ice Cream is made 100% fresh milk and is produced fresh daily using the highest quality of natural ingredients imported from Italy".- quoted from there website.

Here are the products you can choose from. See their menu..And taste the difference. Fiorgelato is open for franchise! Visit there website:

Ice Cream Flavors

Special Sundae Served

Isn't it Enticing?

The Menu


Pizza Served


Banana Split

Till my next blog post!
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  1. yummy! this makes me so hungry! love to taste the banana split!

  2. It is indeed enticing <3 especially the sprinkles on top mmmm