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Friday, August 15, 2014

Just My Rant: Where is After Sales Service

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Today is rant day. I just want to express my disappointment to a store and a phone service center. I accidentally drop my phone at a pail half full of water. And I instantly pulled it over. I dried it as much as I am able. Then went to office to have it open with my officemate and wipe the water away and put it at the back of the CPU. It is still functioning but with dim light. If you’ll look at my phone, it is obvious that the camera and the screen have been penetrated because of the moist. I call the Service Center to ask a possible remedy about it. But when they heard but it being soaked in water, they say they cannot fix it. They do not even know the extent of the damage but they say no already. I compose myself; my next resort is to go to the Store where I bought it. I have an extended warranty for the phone. I am hoping they can give me better solution to it. 

I went to the mall and talk to their Sales Representative about the matter; they abruptly say that it is not part of the warranty. And the warranty itself is void because of what happened. The only ways they can do is to advice me to the Service Center and have it checked. I told them I already did it. I shared them about our talk and they say they can try fixing it but in their head office and I have to pay all the cost including the freight.  But there is no assurance that it will be fine. It is a 50-50 scenario. I got so lot about their answer. Can’t they even give me a better solution or advice? That’s it already? I went to the service center to try my luck. When I went there, I’m more disappointed. They do not even know how to open the phone! It is unacceptable for someone who claims to be a service center. I want to laugh at myself, why I am here? They say that there head office has the authority to fix it. They have to send it and I’ll wait for the feedback after one week.

My phone needs an immediate solution. If the water inside it will last longer, it will cause rust. And I’ll bet it will not be fixed anymore. But the Service center and the store have the same suggestion.  And their suggestion takes time. A week for that matter, I choose to have it my way. I can’t afford to lose my phone which is a three month old phone that I bought for 13 something. I can’t lose it. My contacts and my passwords are there. I went to the mall and had it fix in a Cell phone repair shop. It only lasted two hours to be fixed. I have to pay 500 for it.

I also work for a company that sells machine. We take pride in our after sales service. We keep on saying that if the machine is rat infested, the warranty will be void. But our Service Engineers will try their very best to fix it. Recommend spare parts if there is any. My point is, they should have tried to open it or perform possible remedy on it. I understand that the warranty has been void but I am not after the warranty anymore, it is the after sales service they should offer to their customers. It is so disappointing. The money I use to buy the phone is hard earned and it is not acceptable that I will hear that they cannot fix it even without trying. I hope they improve their after sales service. It is what customers are after. Thank you. 

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  1. this is too dissapointing but at least your phone is fixed and now working,i experience this too,they will offer waranty but when time comes,you cant use it!

  2. Aww so bad to hear sis... why did they reject you that easily, it's as if they're too lazy to entertain you because of their alibis :/.
    The service center's alibi made me laugh though... they don't know how to open the phone?!?!?! XD
    But thank God, it was fixed ;) Phone technicians are indeed good at doing so...
    Celphone is indeed an everyday essential/necessity :)