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Monday, August 4, 2014

Travel Diary :Welcome to Mantigue Island

I know this is a very late post but it is better late than never! Last April, I was able to detoxify my system. I went on a trip with my friend to Camiguin Island. I am so excited to discover the place which many people consider as a paradise of the south. Many tourists flock to the island because it was the Lenten Season that time. I was able to ask some them why they went there. It was their “panata”. During Lenten season, many people promise to walk the entire island in exchange of a wish. It is said that when you are able to walk the whole island your wish will be granted. Perhaps that’s the reason why at the Balingoan Port, the line is insurmountable. It is like a maze that is endless. 

We left Butuan City at 5:00 am able to arrive at the port at 8: 00 am. And the line is so long really. We fall in line for two hours waiting for our turn. But the sun has been getting a lot of our energy, so we decided to take a boat. I know, it is extremely dangerous and I swear. I won’t do it again. I’m so scared and I will not advice you to do so. It is a desperation move and I honestly; I had a run for our money because of it. The coastguards chase us and the boat owner was sanctioned because of it. We docked at a very secluded area and the coast guard lectured us about how wrong to not ride a ______ and were just lucky that the sea was calm. 

I honestly don’t know the place we docked, we just rode a “rela” or a tricyle to be able to arrive at Mambajao. Then from Mambajao we stayed at my friend’s house. It is a very fun trip. We were able to visit the Coast Way and Pasalubong Tiangge near, the Central Market and VJ Andep Pastel Bakery. I am amazed how clean the place is. And I also found out that they do not use cellophane there a lot. Cellophane can only be use in buying fish and rice. Others are used with eco bag. The place is very environment friendly! I don’t have a lot of pictures while I was in Camiguin so I should just go straight to the Paradise Island I was able to visit. Mantigue Island. My friend and I were taken by her Uncle to this white sand Island. It is a thirty minute ride from Camiguin via boat. Even though the sun is scorching hot and my skin is not almost a skin I still went for it. And it is worth all the sacrifice. I was mesmerize even I was still so far! The white sand is really obvious and the sea is so clear and I can even make it a mirror. 

I made sure than I took a video of it to use as a souvenir and every time I look at it, it doesn’t fail to lift my mood. The Island is not developed yet. There is one restaurant and it is facilitated by the locals. Only one elementary school and a hundred families living there. It is really a beautiful Island. It has lush green forest. You can look at the pictures I took but it does not give justice. Take a look at the video to see how beautiful it is. 

If you want to visit Mantigue Island, there are private boats that can take you there. I am just not sure how much the cost is since we had it for free.

I’m now at the end of my post. Thank you for reading!

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  1. wow,wishing i could explore and visit beautiful place like this!

  2. Ang ganda naman ng Mantigue Island sis Claire :) sana makapunta din ako dyan hehehe... it is MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES TALAGA!!!