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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Just Communication: Prayer

Today is Sunday, and I want to greet all of you a happy and fruitful Sunday! May God renew your strength every day. Do not forget to go to church!

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When I got my phone soak in water, It was no big deal to me at first. But when I went to the office and our clients begin to bombard me with calls, the problem begun to sink in to me. If I’ll be losing my phone, I will lose my connection to the world! I save all my contacts to my phone- including my ATM and email passwords, Identification numbers, and our client’s numbers. I pause for a while and think about the scenario. I can’t allow it to happen. My no phone day lasted only for eight hours. Those times, when I go out, my thoughts are what if someone is calling me? And it is important and I don’t even know. Perhaps emergency, what shall I do?

When I finally got my phone and it is already fixed, I feel so relieved. Relieved not because it is fixed and I don’t need to buy one- it is secondary. But it is the thought that I can connected again. The line of communication has been fixed. I thank God for it. Today, when I read the book of Refreshing Words for Busy Women and it talks about attitude. I discover something; my cell phone is used as a means of communication. I can be connected to the people I want to connect because of it. But communication is not limited to it. It is broader than we thought. We can communicate even without the use of phone. We can communicate with our family during meal time, talk about what happened throughout the day. It does not need phone right? We can talk to our friend in need and it does not need a phone. Sometimes, we are able to say what we want to say during a call than to say it actual, it’s more impersonal. More importantly, we don’t need our phone to communicate to God up above. 
 All we need is another communication portal-prayer. 

No instrument is needed when we pray. All we need is a broken heart willing to be fixed by God. Communication with God requires a different level of openness. It is so personal. It is being honest of what we feel. It requires us to search our heart and not to hide anything from Him. He is our God and He understands us. Even if the world forsakes us, he will be the one to pick us up and never let go. He will even help us stand, that is our God! And that is the power of communication he offers thru prayer!

Communication is very important. It does not need to require a phone or anything. It only requires a heart that is willing to communicate. Let us keep on praying. Let us keep our communication lines open. Pray without ceasing! God is listening!
God Bless!

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  1. Indeed sis Claire prayer is a powerful communication to God... by taking time to give thanks to all the blessings He gave to us!