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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Too Much Debt?

Me: Thank you for calling  XYZ. Good Morning!
Callcenter: Good Morning, Andyan po ba si Mr. Polano. (May I speak to Mr. Polano).
Me: Maam, Wala po dito si Mr. Polano, out of the office po. (He is not here at the moment maam)
Callcenter: Kailan po ang balik? (When is he coming back?)
Me: Bukas Po. (Tomorrow maam)
Callcenter: Pakisabi po tumawag si XXY bank. Paki contact po kami sa 889-XXXX to settle his bank account. (Please inform him that XXY bank called and he can contact us at 889-XXXX to settle his bank account.

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This is one of my daily routine, answering calls from clients and my not so clients. I have an officemate who got indebted with five (5) credit cards. They call alternately throughout the day. Sometimes they call at morning, before lunch break, first hour in the afternoon or before going out. They are so persistent, that it irritates me. There phone etiquette has been lost sometimes throwing inappropriate manners. I understand where they come from; all they want is to collect the long overdue payable. It is just that sometimes, the person they are calling is always out of town or out of the office because he does not want to answer the calls from them.

This is a sad reality, many people in the corporate world or has been employed in an established company has two or more than credit cards. One of the credit card agents said that they are not only agent of one credit card Company but two or more. So, the person who applied for one bank will be applying as well for other banks without them knowing it. This is what happened to my officemate.  He got more than one credit card and got tempted to use it more than he can afford.  He only pays for minimum payment due. Month by month, interest increases, then one day he just woke up. He is so broke, his credit cards are cut-off. Credit card companies are lining up to be paid. Worst case scenario, he got a summon from a Law Office and threaten to be in jailed.   

This is not a rare story of people who loves to be indebted not only in credit cards but also in lending or any institution or person that lends money. A lot of Filipinos have debts that are insurmountable than their monthly income. There are different reasons why they got into it and I can’t blame them. They have their reasons. But the problem arising here is, a lot of us do not mind our debts. We tend to forget it or not being prioritized. Then when we are already confronted by it, it is already bigger than we thought. A sad reality but It can be reverse if we try to change the scenario of the present, I won’t tell you how to do it. It would be a different blog post since it would take a lot of ideas. This post is just a reminder about borrowing a lot of money and forgetting to pay it. 

Please, do not borrow more than you can afford, or not in need of it. Do not borrow if you want to travel and can’t afford it. It would be so lame. Do not borrow just because your friend has a new gadget and you want to have it too. It is a recipe for disaster.  The list of “do not borrow if” goes on, but one thing is sure you have the power to control yourself and your borrowing. Understand interest and the fine prints, you might not know where it will take you. Be vigilant in your spending and decision making do not let yourself be ruined because of unfinished debts. Just a reminder, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Until my Next Blog post.

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  1. im afraid to apply for a credit card,i might not be able to stop shopping if i have one!

  2. Nalilito ako gumamit ng credit card kaya wala ako hehehe