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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Just My Luck: Robinson’s Raffle+Giveaway

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Today, I went to the mall with my friend for a business transaction. Before we head to the Third Floor, my friend stopped me on my track to go to a booth. Take out a lot of receipts in her bag and give it to the attending officer, I got confused. My friend told me that if you have a 1000 single receipt purchase in any store or restaurant in Robinsons, you can avail the raffle. We have eight raffle entries. We wrote out name in the paper and started our luck. My friend gave me three raffle coupons to choose and open.

I’m always kinda lucky in joining raffles, and my luck will be tested this time. I am not joining a lot of raffles lately, if I would win, I can say I still possess it (he-he-he). My first try to open the coupon, I immediately hit the target! I won the Hand Soap! I just laugh and at the back of my mind, it screams BINGO! Then the second coupon is still not bokya, I got the Fun-O Dippy! I am was feeling so ecstatic for the third coupon but it says “Thank you for Shopping at Robinsons Mall” it means Bokya. I’m still happy though that out of three raffle coupon I won in the two. So it means that I won two out of three chances, not bad for a person that is being called lucky. I don’t lose in a lot of raffles. In most of the time, I won, It’s like I have 75 percent chance in winning. I don’t know about it. But I believe God is in my side during those moments. And I’m so thankful in HIM about it. 

Moreover, I got myself some Fun-O Dippy and a Hand Soap while my friend who had five raffle coupons only has mallow puff. She keeps on telling me to be with her the next time she’ll have another official receipts. The attendant congratulates us on our achievement. And we will be back tomorrow for another around, she still has three receipts worth 15K. We want to keep on trying! He-he-he, we want another batch of Hand Soap and Mallow Puff. We are crossing our fingers!

Here are the stuff that we won:

Fun O-Dippy

Mallow Puff

The Prized Prize

If you have Official Single Receipts worth 1000 pesos, head to the nearest Robinsons Mall to join their raffle. You might won their Robinson’s Hand soap and other Goodies. As for us, we won it in Robinson’s Place Butuan.

One more thing, Robinson’s Mall is having a Red Hot Sale from August 1 to 31, 2014 in all their branches nationwide!  

You can also join their on-going Instagram giveaway to win 1000 worth of Gift Certificates! 

God Bless! 

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  1. Ang galing naman!!! Congratulations sis Claire :) not everyone has 2 lucky spins on a raffle :O the hand soap is a must have and it's really worthy winning because it's so fat XD