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Saturday, October 19, 2013

MC Donald's Happy Meal TVC

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           Today is Sunday. It is my lazy day and blog day! Yep, blogging is so much fun today. I can update my blog the whole day without worrying too much about my job. Aside from blogging, I also enjoy watching tv and listening to music. There is an advertise in tv that i want to share to all of you. This is a commercial of a famous fast food chain. I really love the connection between the grandmother and its grand child. I love how they share the same music together. I really find the advertisement fascinating. I am talking about the MC Donalds Happy Meal Uptown TVC. It has a song line "down town things will be great when you're in down town...everything's waiting for you".
 Watch the TVC here!



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  1. love mcdonalds commercial too! they are inspiring!