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Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Take: Maltreatment of Animals

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It is all over the news about a viral video of women who awfully treated their puppy. They keep on stepping on the puppy. It felt so bad for the puppy and for the women on the video. Why do they have to do it and tape themselves? Are they trying to show something? If there is, what is it? Is it to show that someone can maltreat animals simply because they can’t fight back or is it that our law has no power over them? It can be the former, the latter or both. The thing is, maltreatment of animals is prohibited and inexcusable.

For me, it is common sense. We were taught when we were young to take good care of our pets. They suppose to be our best friend not our slaves or object of the inner sadistic side. What is shown in the video is unacceptable. I believe animal right activist will back me up on this and even anybody else who has a heart for animals. I love animals. I have a cat I rescued when it was thrown in the street. And I will never do to my cat what they did to the puppy. I don’t have a heart to do it.

 I hope that those people who maltreat animals will be convicted accordingly. Animals have life too. They deserve to live peacefully just like humans.  I am hoping justice will be served. I am happy that the Animal Welfare Act is being revised. An additional sentence to those who violate it is just right. The question is if it will be properly implemented. One can only ask. In closing to this post, just like what Confucius has said “do not do unto other what you don’t want to do unto you”. It is plain and simple. Let’s treat others equally. We are not above anyone. God is looking at us.

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