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Friday, October 25, 2013

Movie Sunday: She’s The One

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When I saw the teaser of She’s the One, I told myself I will definitely watch this movie. I even made a feature on it here in my blog, that’s how fascinated I am about the movie and the casts itself. I believe it is not only about best friends falling in love plot but there is more in this movie and that is what I want to find out.

Today, I really made sure that I am able to watch it. Made some changes to my schedule and it is really worth it. Here is what I can say about this movie.

Movie Title: She’s the One

Producer: Star Cinema

Casts: Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes, Enrique Gil, Gugi Lorenzana, Maricar Reyes and a lot more

Plot: Kat and Wacky are bestfriends who fall in love with each other.  Wacky is a womanizer and Kat is a serious girl who let her world revolve in the life of Wacky. Wacky is a morning news anchor while Kat is manager of her own laundry shop. There life will have a twist when Enrique’s character will enter the picture. He will see Kat in rain trying to repair her cars wheel. He will be smitten with Bea and took a video of her, uploaded in utube and it became viral. Meanwhile, Wacky’s morning show has low ratings and it will undergo reformatting and the sad part is he might not be included in the reformat. Wacky has to try his best to prove himself that he is worthy to be part of the show. Enrique is now the answer to his problem. Wacky communicates with Enrique to help him find “The Girl in the Rain” and Enrique will get his girl while Wacky will get his ratings. Everything is going well until they both find out the Girl in the Rain.

My Take

I love the Movie. It is well crafted, acted and directed. It delivers mixed emotions to the viewers. The movie can make you laugh and be “kilig” when there are romantic scenes. Though it is a typical best friends falling in love plot, I love how they give it twist about a younger man falling in love with an older woman. It is not depicted in mainstream movies I saw. The main characters fit the role well. Dingdong Dantes as a playboy at the same time friend handled it perfectly. Enrique Gil as the younger man who is madly in love with Bea is fascinating. His eyes do wonders to make the viewers believe that he is truly in love with Bea.  Bea Alonzo fits the role. She really delivers her character well. I love the interaction of the main lead. The part where Enrique got jealous with Dingdong is relatable. The confession time where Bea and Dingdong are both in the car broke my heart. Sometimes, hiding our feeling has setbacks and it will backfire on us. It is what happened to the both of them. The only part that I am not satisfied is the ending; I believe it is cliché,
I think I already saw it in Kung Ako na Lang Sana which Stars Aga Mulach and Sharon Cuneta. The one where the boy main lead will not be seen for quite sometime to try to rebuid himself so that he will be deserving to the female lead. Nonetheless, It was pulled off perfectly. Maybe I am expecting more about the ending and my standard is high that’s why.  

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